Croatia-Slovenia-Montenegro - Izola

Risen on an island, that later it was united to the dry land, Izola and for a long time known as a city of fishermen, but also of growers of the grapevine and the olive. 
The charm of Island resides especially in the ancient tradition of the fishing that anchors he/she lives in the city, the people's attachment to the sea, the to pulsate some daily life, the cohabitation and the cohabitation of two etnies and different cultures, that sloveneabove all and that minority Italian.

Gives Accessibility:
From Italy:
Trieste - Rabuiese (border) - Capodistria (Koper) - for Portorose - gone out Izola
Fernetti (border) - Capodistria (Koper) - for Portorose - gone out Izola

From Lubiana (Ljubljana): in highway Postumia (Postojna) - Capodistria (Koper) - for Portorse - gone out Izola

Capodistria - Island (6 kms)

Parking lot:
I park free to the entrance of the center (next to the shipyard)
to payment in the center
In the historical center the traffic and' limited sopratutto in the summer months.

Train: The railway stations more' near they are to Capodistria (7 kms) and to Trieste

Bus: The local bus for the cities' coastlines in direction Capodistria - Izola - Pirano - Izola - Capodistria goes every half time during the week, in the W. E. every time.
The buses for various cities' of Slovenia they depart more' turned a day:
International traffic:
The buses for Trieste depart more' turned a day.
The buses for the cities' of the Istria Croatian they depart one or twice a day.

The international airports more' near:
Aerodrom Portorož d.o.o. (Slovenia)
Airport FVG - international Airport in Trieste