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Biscay - English Chanel

The coast of the Bay of Biscay - The Bay of Biscay Bay is part of the north-east Atlantic Ocean that laps the two European countries: Western France, from Brittany to the Pyrenees and Northern Spain, along the coasts of the Basque country until the Galicia. The French Atlantic offers a fairy-tale scenario to those who spend a sailing holiday in these area. In fact you can make a yacht charter along the Channel Islands, arriving on Ouessant, the most western of the Islands in the Channel. In these waters it is possible to rent a sailboat in bareboat or with skipper or crew for less experienced sailors. Renting a boat that can sail along the shores of the famous seaside resort of Deauville, an elegant seaside resort right from 'nineteenth century. From the sea you can see the rich noble houses of that era.