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The "Gulet"
originally was built in Turkey as transport ship for goods and offers now in his new role as holiday boat large indoor and outdoor spaces. Sizes vary from 18 to 40 meters. Today, this type of boat is built exclusively for tourism purposes. The boats that are very comfortable and ideal for boating holidays, have spacious cabins with double, or paired beds, sometimes the availability of a third bed and always private facilities They have an internal living room with dining area and a second dining area on deck, usually placed in the stern and sheltered by a canopy. On the front deck house almost always there is a sunbathing area equipped with comfortable mattresses. The crew area is separated from the customer area and has its own cabins and bathrooms. Depending on the manufacture, the gulets distinguish in standard, deluxe and SuperDeluxe, but there is no clear separation between the categories and even boats with intermediate level are available as rental boats. The boats are equipped with masts and sails that make them look like sailing ships, but in reality with few exceptions, these boats navigate almost exclusively by motor and only under favorable wind hoist the sails near the shore. The gulet rental usually contemplate the service of half or full board, excluding from the price only drinks. Available on the charter market gulets from 4 and up to 12 cabins, giving the opportunity to make a gulet cruise even to larger groups. Gulets are even available in cabin charter, making possible this kind of holiday also for singles or couples, in sharing the gulet with other people.