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The Republic of Seychelles is located on the western Indian Ocean. 41 of the 115 islands are the most 'ancient center-oceanic granitic islands in the world. Grouped around the main island of Mahe, on which are both the airport and Victoria, the capital, and the islands of Praslin and La Digue they form the group of islands known as the 'close islands' and are among the most sought after by visitors to spend a vacation in a sailboat. The other 74 islands are formed from coral atolls and sandbanks. It’s possible to admire from the coast what are considered the most beautiful beaches in the world, with a chartered sailboat bareboat or crewed, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and stay out of mass tourism. Here are the various water activities, with the hiring of a boat, you can ask for fishing gear or snorkel or sail on a crewed yacht and enjoy a variety of equipment on board (surfing, water skiing, diving. ..). The climate in the Seychelles is always warm and without extremes, the temperature never drops below 24 ° and never rises over 32 °. which makes the Seychelles an ideal destination for lovers of the sea, the sun and the beaches.