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Whitsunday Islands

Australia, officially Commonwealth of Australia, is the sixth nation of the world in order of greatness, the greatest state of the Oceanian. Australia is constituted by the principal island, called note Australia, that a real continent could be considered from the island of Tasmania and from different smaller islands. It is found in the southern hemisphere, among the Indian ocean to west and the ocean Pacific to east.
The capital is Canberra; the most populous cities are in order of population Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle...
Placed in the southern hemisphere the seasons they are inverted in comparison to Europe. In the north of the country the climate is tropical with a dry season from May to October, while the season of the rains has gone since November to May with temperatures elevated and strong damps. On the oriental coast the rains leave again during the whole year. Her temperatures are pleasant in all the seasons.
Even if big part of the country is arid or seed-arid, nevertheless Australia includes different types of habitat, from the peaks of the coral barrier to the forest pluvial.
To cause of the ancient geographical isolation of the region, and of its particular climate, the most greater part of the animal kinds and vegetables Australian they are unique. The kangaroo, the duckbill, the seal, the clamidosauro, the koala, the emu and the echidna...