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In this section you can choose to visualize all sailing boats and catamarans in bareboat (without skipper) in special offer or last minute. Renting a sailboat in bareboat provides, that at least one crew member must be in possess of a valid sailing license. Of course, are available on request and as an extra fee, skipper and hostess. Clicking on the geographic area of interest, on the map or at the right side on the link of the destinations, you can see all boats and yachts with the various types of offers: sailboats with early booking, or in one way, boats in special offer or yachts with last-minute discounts: from this page you can plan vacations in sailing boat for all seasons, by booking in advance with early booking discount your preferred boat. Or choose to take a boat trip during the periods with most profitable discounts and offers. In our technical sheets we insert the equipment of each vessel, as reported by the owner companies.